LiteBlue.Usps.Gov – The Website for USPS Employees is the website for The United States Postal Service Extranet that serves as a portal and access point for the thousands of postal workers across the country. It is meant to allow faster communication and the ability to stay connected with the United States Postal Service network.

The U.S.P.S extranet is constantly evolving and getting better so returning and getting new information is strongly encouraged to all USPS employees.

This portal also serves as an area to gain access to your employee benefits. Simply log in to gain access to all your data. All you need to get started is your employee ID number and pin.”LiteBlue

The site, the¬† is secure and SSL encrypted so you don’t have to worry about your information¬† or data being sent unencrypted. A strong note of caution is said that this website is to service and only service members and employees of the USPS. All other access is unlawful and legal action could be taken.


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